Aluya Advocates Combat Training in Tackling Rape

One time national taekwondo champion, Anita Aluya, says engaging in combat sports could be a much needed panacea for the eradication of rape and violence against Women.

Cases of rape and  sexual violence especially against Women have hit arguably a record high these past weeks with the unfortunate case of Vera Omozuwa, a part one Microbiology student at the University of Benin, the most prominent.


The founder, White bird academy, a taekwondo school  based in Lagos, believes a good knowledge of martial arts will give young girls and women and girls an edge in difficult situations.

“Having the knowledge of combat sports like taekwondo, judo, karate, wrestling, kung fu and boxing is an advantage for girls compared to someone without the knowledge, especially in the area of precision and accuracy when fighting back,” she told newsmen.

With this knowledge, you think faster, you are more security conscious. As a martial artist, while walking you check your shadow and you get to see someone sneaking up on you even without looking back.

I will advise every girl to take up martial arts. It will definitely build their mental alertness and reflex. For example, if someone sneaks up on you, you can easily take the person down. It gives you self confidence and keeps you sharp.”

Aluya, a taekwondo black belter and two time National Sports Festival silver medalist, added that  “Knowlege of martial arts doesn’t make you macho against a predator, but it makes you fearless, and you can think of the first easy things to do before getting out of the place.

My advice is don’t fight a guy. What you must do is, go for the vital spots where you can hit the predator and he will quickly lose strength and composure. What you should do after hitting the vital spot is to run away from that vicinity.

The vital spots to target are, the bridge of the nose, you can attack the eyes, try and pluck it with your fingers, or kick him in the groin.

 You can also attack his throat. All this becomes easy to spot with the knowledge of combat sports”  She averred .



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