Brescia Drags Balotelli, Agent to Court












Serie A  side Brescia are taking legal action against Mario Balotelli and his agent Mino Raiola after the pair claimed that the club had discriminated against the striker by not testing him for coronavirus.

Raiola  disclosed this in a chat with journalists before Balotelli  reacted shortly after with an instagram story that the claims were “all true” but  Brescia – who are set to terminate the Italy striker’s contract  after less than a year after he joined his hometown club – say the striker and his agent are guilty of “slander”.

A statement from the club read “We have instructed our lawyers to take action against those who made these false accusations.

Brescia wish to clarify that we respected the medical protocol to the letter and even privately hired a full-time specialist (at real expense) to deal with any possible health emergencies linked to COVID-19.

Being accused of not respecting the rules, by one of our players no less, is shameful slander and those who said it will pay (both in economic and image terms) in the opportune venues, so we can protect the work and sacrifices of this club.

Unfortunately, as we all know, the irresponsible behaviour of an individual can create serious risks for everyone involved, so we’ll be forced to enact even more rigid measures to protect the club and its representatives.”

Balotelli’s relationship with Brescia has strained  recently, as the club prepares for Serie A’s return, due to the forward suffering from a bout of gastroenteritis.

He was told he could return on Wednesday and took to social media on Saturday morning, posting videos of him at Brescia’s training ground, in which he dismissed reports that suggested he had not been taking part in sessions.

“Stop asking me if I’m going to training or not. I’m going to training guys, I’ve always gone to training,” he said on Instagram.

Stop, I swear. Stop asking. If you want to know if I’m going to training or not then come here, I have a double session every day until Sunday, morning and afternoon. Come here, then you’ll see.”

The club has said that Balotelli has undergone his first swab and serological coronavirus tests, despite the claims to the contrary.


Brescia will face Florentina on June 22 in their first Serie A fixture since the suspension of the league.


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