Casillas Backs Down On Spanish FA Presidency Ambitions

Former Real Madrid Safe hands Iker Casillas has withdrawn his candidature for the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation.


Spain’s world cup winning goalkeeper stressed that he was reconsidering his stance due to the “exceptional social, economic and health situation that our country is suffering”.



More than 27,000 people with Covid-19 have died in Spain since the outbreak.



“This makes the elections take a back seat,” the 39 year old wrote on twitter.



Altough yet to officially announce his retirement, Casillas has not played for current club Porto since April 2019, after suffeeing a heart attack during training.


The La Roja’ legend was given a role on the club’s backroom staff in July 2019.


Casillas’ withdrawal means incumbent Luis Rubiales is set to be re-elected unopposedĀ  with a four-year mandate.


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