Evander Holyfield fires warning shot at Mike Tyson ahead of trilogy fight

Evander Holyfield has told Mike Tyson that he will give back everything that is thrown his way in the ring.

It comes amid talks that the two will meet in the ring for the third time.

The two legendary boxers have long been retired but are open to an exhibition match, though there is bound to be some bad blood.

The last time the duo met in the ring was in 1997, which saw Iron Mike disqualified for biting a chunk out of his opponent’s ear.

It landed the New York star in hot water, receiving a fine of $3m and had his boxing license revoked.

Despite this incident, the two insist they are close pals – but Holyfield is ready to hit back hard if provoked in the ring.

Holyfield said: “Mike and I talked once about this (the exhibition) and from that point on his people have spoken to my people.

“We are not at a point where we are at an agreement but there have been conversations.

“There are some big people from different countries who would like for us to do it.

“My whole thing is, ‘Yes, if there is a way we can do it, then do it’.

“Me being me and Mike being who Mike is, I know it could be something big.

“If it could be worked out then there has to be an understanding that there can be none of this other stuff that happens (with Tyson).

“Ain’t nobody getting a decision or win or lose or going for knockouts. Exhibition.

“I didn’t really want to get back in the ring because I always said when I stop I will stop.


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