Ex-WWE Star Erick Rowan is back.

From now on, the wrestler who played that character in WWE wants to be known as ‘Erick Redbeard’. It’s certainly a fitting moniker, but big Erick hasn’t stopped there – he’s still willing to cash in on any remaining interest hanging over from his run in the company by shifting merch over at Pro Wrestling Tees.

Three t-shirts are currently available. ‘Carved Skull’ is as metal as they come, and shows Rowan…sorry, Redbeard with ‘Erick’ carved into his forehead. ‘Recycled’ has a sheep motif and the words, ‘Spider’, ‘Brother’, ‘Firefly’ and ‘Genius’. All four of those link to Erick’s time in The Wyatt Family and Bludgeon Brothers, as well as stints with Daniel Bryan and when he was carrying that pet around on Raw.

The final shirt, ‘Alive!”, depicts a graveyard scene. There are stones for both Redbeard and his spider, and the dates 15 April 2020 (the day he was released by WWE) and 9 March 2020 (the night Drew McIntyre squished spidey) are clearly shown.

So, there you go. Erick Rowan is now Erick Redbeard.


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