Guardiola praises NHS workers

The Premier League was suspended indefinitely back in March following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic but discussions are ongoing to get football back underway in England’s top-flight following the Bundesliga’s successful return earlier on this month.

Manchester City returned to the Etihad Campus last week following talks with league officials to get the ball rolling with “Project Restart”.

Guardiola has admitted that he will be happy to make a return to the pitch once it is safe to do so.

“All the fans around the world are waiting for football to come back. We want to come back but now the priority is other things,” Guardiola told CityTV.

“It’s still stay safe, be careful and when everything is possible we will come back. First I think without them, but hopefully we come back to a routine.

“But now the most important thing is to follow the instructions. If they say use a mask, stay at home, social distance – we have to do it. Because there are many, many people in the NHS who put their own lives at risk to save ours.

“It’s incredible what they have done, and we have to follow them. Now, we cannot do anything wrong.”

The Spaniard oversaw first-team training in small groups at the weekend with the whole squad being tested for coronavirus.

Guardiola watched on and observed the players while wearing a facemask and surgical gloves, sticking to strict medical advice given by medical experts.

Guardiola suffered heartbreaking news during lockdown after it was reported that his mother Dolors Sala Corrio passed away at the age of 82 after contracting the coronavirus.

The news came in just a few weeks after he donated £920,000 to help buy medical supplies to help fight the deadly disease back home in Catalonia, Spain.


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