Hamilton Hails Anti Racism Protest Success

Six time formula one world champion Lewis Hamilton has hailed protesters for the successes recoded thus far in the  fight against racism following increasingly global protests of the past two weeks.

The Mercedes driver said the death of George Floyd in police custody last month had seen “the world open its eyes to the realities of racism”.

He added that  progress had been made through “our collective voices and actions”.

People have united in the fight for racial equality and against police brutality and white supremacy.”

The 35 year old has been very expressive on the issue since Floyd died in police custody in Minneapolis last month after an officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes.

His last words  “I can’t breathe,”  has become the official mantra of protests that have ensued across the globe in the aftermath of the sad incident. 

Derek Chauvin, officer responsible for the death  has since been charged with second-degree murder.

Hamilton, F1’s first black driver, described last week how he had felt embittered with happenings in the United States since the tragedy.

 He  extolled the courage of fearless  demonstrators in Bristol who tore down a statue of the 17th century slave trader Edward Colston, saying governments around the world should “implement the peaceful removal of these racist symbols”.

Before his return to an F1 cockpit on Wednesday for the first time since February, Hamilton added: “We’ve seen laws being passed. We’ve seen police officers held accountable and charged for their actions.

Brands have started to align themselves with the Black Lives Matter movement, and are educating themselves on how they can do better.

There’s also been a surge in the sale of anti-racist books, and many are watching films and documentaries to better educate themselves on our experience.

More and more, people are wanting to learn about black history. This is only the beginning and there is still so much more change to come” he averred.


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