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I Have No Godfather -Okobi



Super falcons Midfielder Ngozi Okobi Okeoghene has  attributed her meteoric rise in the round leather game to a dint of hardwork, consistency and dedication not by courting  any godfather.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend, the Eskilstuna United player stated that although godfatherism is an open secret within Nigerian football circles, she has relied on her natural talent and not any godfather throughout her career

According to her, it is her talent and hard work that got her to the level she is.

Recalling how she began her football career, Okobi admitted “It wasn’t an easy race for me”.

“I started very well. My talent spoke for me, not because I had a godfather or sports father or somebody there that actually helped; it was my talent that spoke for me and I worked really hard to earn this opportunity that I have,” she insisted.

She, therefore, called on upcoming players especially those at  the age-grade levels not to hang their hopes on anyone.

The player said: “I will pass a message to them: stop hoping on anyone… your talent will speak for you.

“That’s one thing that has actually taken me from one point to another until I got here today.” she added.


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