Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits he was concerned Premier League would be null and void

When asked if he had worried about the title during the coronavirus lockdown, Klopp said: “Honestly, yes.

“When we went into lockdown I didn’t think about it for a second at all because it was not important at that moment.

“I became worried when people started talking about null and void. It was like ‘wow!’ I really felt it physically. That would have been really, really, really hard.

“You don’t expect to get it as a present. We didn’t want to have it on a points-per-game basis, so we were really happy when it was decided that we can play again.

“But there were moments. With how long the discussions were, some people brought it up from time to time for different reasons, but when that was taken off the table I was quite relieved.

“If it was done on points-per-game and we couldn’t have played then we would probably be champions now but we aren’t, we have to pay for it.

“That’s great, that’s how it should be in sport and now we will go for it.”

Liverpool will face Everton behind closed doors this weekend and Klopp believes his players are well prepared for what is set to be an unusual atmosphere at Goodison Park.

“It is different but we cannot change that. We have to use the circumstances and not suffer from them,” he said.


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