Football, all over the world is called the beautiful game and the reasons for these assertions are not far fetched.

Football is one of (if not) the most unifying factor in the world today. Talk about World Politics, Economy, and Wellbeing, Football is the currency of Peace, Development and Social Integration.

It is for these reasons that its Practitioners, Supporters and Followers are regarded as One Big Family. Note! One Family.

FIFA at the center is the house that accommodates the Extended Family Members from all over the world, while Every Family Member in their own country gets accommodated under The House called The Federation.

In Nigeria, This House is called The NIGERIA FOOTBALL FEDERATION.

Ironically, in Nigeria’s case, This House (NFF) is occupied by Two Families. The first is The Leadership Family whose members are UNITED IN CORRUPTION and GREED. Without any known investment in the beautiful game, this family’s total lack of Empathy towards the outcome of their incompetence has become Legendary. For their Actions (and) or inActions, A Nation Suffers.

The Second Family is what you’d want to call The Indigenes, A People that have given Everything to, and Invested Their Lives on the beautiful game. The Family whose sweat, blood, and money built the House in the first instance.

Unfortunately, this family is characterized by 5% Cowards, 5% Sycophants, 5% Drifters, 5% Stomach Infrastructure Merchants, 3% Judas incarnates, 50% Spectators and Speculators, 27% Patriots out of which 7% are heroes ( Heroes here meaning the Family members fighting to save the beautiful game and by extension The Soul Of The Nation and its Youth).

I sincerely pray that this is not a Travesty of some sort.

On one hand, you have a Very Powerful Family United 100% by Corruption and Greed, you can call them The Cabal and you’d not be wrong. Incompetence, their stock in trade while their total lack of Empathy affords them the Luxury of One Unified Agenda, LOOT!!! At the detriment of an entire Nation and its Citizens, especially The Youths.

On the other hand, you have a Family ravaged by Vices. From the Sycophants who are empty drums to the Cowards that can not stand the Test of Time, to the Drifters who don’t really care, then the very Selfish Stomach Infrastructure Merchants and the Judas who will Sell out for the next meal.

In these vices (family members), the Cabal finds their willing tools thus their adoption of the Divide and Conquer Policy as a weapon. For these reasons, the Second Family is not united.

The hope of a Nation, therefore, rests on the 27% few, even though still greater in numbers than the entire Cabal Family.

I could but would not want to make this a longer Epistle, my only hope is that I have been able to shed some light on the Emergency that is Nigerian Football.

Our Sons, Daughters, Brothers, and sisters are suffering and dying mostly from the actions of these Cabal that has created a hapless future for our Youths.

Every index postulate that Nigeria will be going into its worst Recession in 40 years due to the COVID 19 Pandemic but I know that Football can save My Country and People from this Course.

In case you’re wondering, all it takes is Professionalism, Transparency Accountability, Probity, and Creativity.

I have made my Choice, to Stand Against Corruption and Injustice; Make Yours. Live Free.

Source: Anonymous


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