Palliative Galore for Vandrezzer FC Players, Coaching Crew & Staff.

It has been a-3 week of palliative galore for some sports groups and particularly for Vandrezzer FC players courtesy of the commitment of Vandrezzer Football club to be the change agent re-writing the narrative of football in the country.

Charity they say begins at home, true to its commitment as a reputable change agent, Vandrezzer FC doled out the first set of cash palliatives to its players on April 26th. The privately financed football club owned by an oil giant: Vandrezzer Energy services limited has again over the weekend paid out another set of palliatives to its players, technical crew, and backroom staff all within three weeks interval. This second set of palliatives to the players is coming less than one week after the club handed cash palliative worth N2,500,000 to five sports groups within Lagos and Akwa-Ibom.

In early April, the news filtered out on social media that the club suspended the contract of its players and technical crew, with some quarter of the public raising question on the motive of the club to suspend its player’s contract. The club has maintained that the mutual agreement between the club and its staff /players to suspend contract was done in the best interest of the club amidst the no action from NNL and more recently the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the no action on the field of play, the club has continued to demonstrate its commitment to professionalism and to the welfare of its players and the football community. This is not surprising as Vandrezzer was the first football club to respond to the fight against COVID-19 by providing support to Lagos and Akwa-Ibom state government including health institutions, public schools.

It is evident that the rise to fame by the club is not by chance, but by its consistency and professionalism in carrying out the revered football business. This European styled and innovative club to say the least has continued to win the admiration of football lovers little wonder as today, the club has garnered in over 219,000 followership, standing to be the highest followed club on social media in Nigeria.


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