Players propagate falsehood against Vandrezzer FC.

The football community went agog on Wednesday evening when three players of Vandrezzer FC lamented unprofessional and unfair treatment from the Club, however Independent investigation reveals that following the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria, the club suspended players contract in March 2020 in line with the Federal Government suspension of contact sport and football activities in Nigeria and the World football’s governing body’s (FIFA) recommendations contained in a set of guidelines meant to tackle the complexities of the unprecedented shutdown caused by the coronavirus and need to preserve the integrity and stability of domestic leagues.

During the period of suspension of contact sport, which ran from March 2020 till October 2020, the players were given financial support (palliative) equal to 100% of their regular salaries even though their contract had been suspended and they performed no service to the club.

When the Federal government’s lifting of suspension on footballing activities, the Club announced the reopening of the club camp in November and recalled players back to camp in batches in November.

The players were then advised to proceed to the nominated medical center to undertake the Covid-19 test prior to resumption at the camp. Cost to be borne by the Club.

The team was then divided into groups to allow for easy management, to ensure safe social distancing and prevent the spread of Covid-19 in line with club’s Covid-19 policy.

In November, the players were advised to proceed to the government approved test centre for Covid-19 test ahead of resumption of training but the three players in question failed to comply with the directive.

In December, a letter was also issued to the three player, instructing them to resume at the club’s training ground to which one resumed while three others failed to heed.

On the 4th of January, 2021, the players were then issued a query requesting to know why they had failed to resume training to which they again failed to respond.

It is the position of the club that the players still have an existing contract with the club and should see it out rather than exhibit indicipline and propagate falsehood.


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