Post Covid-19 Plan for Nigerian Football Leagues.

In order to make a comeback from the huge impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the league management companies have had a discussion on how to rebound the sports sector and have analyzed the possible return of the NPFL.

In his report, the Chairman, League Management Company, Shehu Dikko, pointed out that sports activities have been greatly disrupted as a result of the pandemic and countries which are bent on completing their leagues would consider the financial constraints involved. He also reported however, that a decision will be made as to whether a fresh season would begin altogether.

In Shehu Dikko’s words, ‘The reason why most people are pushing to finish the elite leagues is because we need to have representations to represent the countries in Cup competitions and there are commercial leverages involved that have to be delivered. A comprehensive decision will be taken, not just on the NPFL but across other leagues’.

In view of this, strategies will be considered and put in place for the post covid-19 football era.


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