Rapists Should Get Severe Punishments – Fashanu

Former England striker John Fashanu, says the time has come for concerted action against rape, domestic violence and child abuse, especially against women  and girls in the country.

The Wimbledon legend gave this plea following the recent upsurge in cases of rape and sexual violence in the country.


Speaking from Abuja, Fashanu explained that rape was “one of the worst crimes against humanity in the world, where the victim is the only one punished by the society because of the stigma and shame attached.”

He suggested that since statistics have  shown that women are more the biggest victims, Nigerian men should stand up to get counted in the fight to stem the tide of the ugly malaise.

“The upsurge of violence against women, especially by men, in Nigeria over the years, is assuming a worrisome dimension with grave consequences on the victims and the society at large. Men as fathers, brothers, sons and husbands are supposed to be playing the vital role of public advocates in strongly condemning all forms of violence against women and the girl child.

Responsible men should rise up to protect the female gender. Other measures include provision of free counselling for the victims of rape and using stiffer penalties for the perpetrators of the crimes.” he opined

Lastly, he advised the National Orientation Agency,  to “engage our people through awareness campaign against rape.”


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