Hon. Tajudeen Disu was born in the house of Alhaji Surajudeen Disu in Itere, Lawanson area, Lagos. His father played football in the early 60’s and early 70’s.

Coach Tunde Disu (OFR), the former Nigeria national player, and National Coach is Hon. Tajudeen senior brother. Hon. Tajudeen Disu also have four other junior brothers, namely, Hakeem Disu, Wasiu Disu, Iliasu Disu and Rahim Disu.

Worthy to note, Hakim Ola Disu and Wasiu Disu also represented Nigeria at Junior level before they both travel to United States on soccer scholarship, through, scholarptic test and assistance of their brother.

Today, Hakeem Disu, is a lecturer, a coach and Sports administrator at University, in United States. Hakeem Disu is also head coach of Hawks FC in Texas, USA. He sponsors youths clinic soccer programs in Africa yearly.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu, went to Ansaru deen Primary School. He attended St, Timothy’s College with hon. Tajudeen Ajide, presently, The Executive Chairman of Surulere Local Government Council. Has destiny designed it. Hon. Tajudeen Disu left St. Timothy’s College for Baptist Acedemy, while Hon. Tajudeen Ajide left St. Timothy’s College for Igbobi College.

In 1981/82 at HSC level, Hon. Tajudeen Disu, Captain Baptist Acedemy to secondary Schools principal’s cup competitions.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu, played street football known as felele ball at a small field in front of his parents house at Gaspa Street, where majority of ex players, like Gani Akanni, Awele, Sunday Joseph, honorable Tajudeen Ajide, Paul Okoku, just to mention few names called their second house.

Before hon. Tajudeen Disu played for Abiola Babes. He was a prominent member of a great YSFUN team that brought one of the best glory to Nigeria.

In 1980, Hon. Tajudeen Disu’s was a member of Ysfun’s team, that travel to Sweeden, won golden cup. The same year, Ysfun team, travel to Texas, Dallas, in United States of America, Won the Dallas cup.

In 1981, Hon. Tajudeen was a member of the Ysfun team, that travel to Rio, in Brazil to play Brazilian States Cup, won the cup. The same year, the Ysfun team went to Denmark, they won the Dana’s cup in Denmark.

The same glory, repeated in 1982, with Late Tony Eke, Ysfun won Brazilian States Cup in Rio, Brazil and Dana’s Cup in Denmark.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu was
part of the early 80’s Flying Eagles, that first qualify for FIFA U-21 World Cup in Mexico. To qualified then, Flying eagles went to Gabon. Demolished Gabon on their own ground with a lone goal, scored by Samson Siasia.

The return game was played at National Stadium, in Nigeria, flying eagles defeated Gabon 2 goals to nothing. Flying eagles moved ahead, played against Zimbabwe. It was another tough game for flying eagles, but they excelled to qualify as mentioned above.

He was also part of the Flying Eagles Silver winning team at AFCON in early 80’s. He was in the early 80’s set of Nigeria Green Eagles/Supper Eagles.

In addition, Hon. Tajudeen Disu, was a member of Lagos State Acedemicals, and Lagos United/Lagos Bobers. Hon. Tajudeen Disu traveled with the member of Lagos State team that travel to Benue Republic to beat Benue Republic National team with One (1) goal. Other members of the Lagos team were Henry Nwosu, Tarila Okorowanta, Gani Akanni, Andrew Uwe, just to mention few.

Before hon. Tajudeen Disu traveled to United States of America to further his Education at Alabama A&M University. He played for Bolus FC, National Bank FC, Leventis United, and Abiola Babes FC.

While playing for Abiola Babes, the team qualified to play for four consecutive FA cup finals from 1984, ’85, ’86 and ’87.,Abiola Babes lost ’84 and ’86 FA finals cup to Leventis United. Abiola Babes won ’85 FA cup to BCC Lions of Gboko and Won ’87 FA cup finals to Ranchers FC.

In reality, hon. Tajudeen Disu, scored the last penalty kick that gave Abiola Babes the winning over Ranchers FC.

After the FA cup finals, against Ranchers FC. Hon. Tajudeen Disu traveled to United States of America, to further his studies at Alabama A&M University. He graduated first class in Agricultural Economics, no wander, he was appointed as SA Agric/sports by qualifications.

Playing for his University, reunited with Senior Segun Adeleke (forner NEPA FC and Nigeria Green Eagles Striker), one of the strikers, Nigeria ever produced. A deadly stricker, who used his dribbling ability to disuade a defender. Likewise, he re-united Rahmon Alarape, Segun Olukanni, Paul Okoku, Obe rege, and others not mentioned here.

Hon.Tajudeen Disu was the captain of the below named players at Alabama A&M University, Gani Akanni, Tosin Adebanbo, late Pius Ole, late Ifeanyi Edemba, Emmanuel Akpan, Wasiu Adebayo, Patric Seun, and Adeola Aiyegbaroju. It was through, hon. Tajudeen Disu, all his team members of ’88 to ’90 sets gained admission to Alabama A&M University.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu was NCAA all American for 4 years, and NCAA All American Most Defensive Player. He was invited to join the United States National team, but he declined.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu, later joined Jones Abor and Asuka Abor at Boston, Massattussas to play for Boston Bolt. He was also invited to join a professional team in Europe, but Coach Salah Yusuf an Ethiopian American discouraged his movement to Europe.

When Hon. Tajudeen Disu returned to Nigeria. In 2004, he worked under Ogun States Government, Governor Gbenga Daniel as Team Manager of Gateway Football Club.

In one season, Gateway FC was promoted to premier league. Hon. Tajudeen Disu also worked as Director of Youths and sports Development in Ogun States. He worked under Ogun States Governor Ibikunle Amusu, as Director of Youths and Sports Developments.

In Lagos, he worked under Lagos states governor Raji Babatunde Fashola as the Chairman Adopt a Talent Football Program for 2 years.

In Lagos, he worked as sports consultant under hon. Babajide Banjoko, the Chairman of Ikorodu West LCDA.

In Lagos, under Hon. Tajudeen Ajide, the Chairman of Surulere Local Government Council. He worked as Director of Sports. Surprisingly, with determination, dedication, and full support of Hon. Tajudeen Ajide, Surulere local Government Council (Sports City), won Eight (8) Trophies out of 9 tournaments.

The major tournaments won by Surulere Local Government Council are Lagos States Junior League trophy, Speakers Cup, Ramat Cup, Football cup tournament at Lagos States Sports Festival.

Presently, hon. Tajudeen is the SA Agric and Sports under The Executive Chairman of Surulere local government council.

Under the above portfolio, Hon. Tajudeen Ajide, in part, did several youths development programs. To mentioned three. He has sponsored, WAFA/WPFA 1. Premier League; 2. Female U-16 Acedemy and 3. Male U-16 Academy tournaments this year. All the tournaments took place at National Stadium.

Hon. Tajudeen Disu, stated that, his Boss is committed to youths development programs, and he is committed to same and assisting the youths gain admission to further their education in United States.

Written by Ex international Ganiy Akanni (T&T Network Admin.).


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