Talle reveals doubting NNL kick off

Kogi United captain Victor Talle has revealed that he doubted the commencement of the now running Nigeria National League 2021 season following the completion of the opening round of matches in the nation’s second-tier football league after series of postponements in the kickoff for the new league season. 


Talle speaking in a chat, after his Kogi united’s 1-0 loss to DMD FC of Maiduguri said it is a thing of joy for himself and other players who have lost faith in the structure of the league at the NNL level.
“For us it’s a thing of joy because we have been waiting for this day. We didn’t have a thought that the game is going to commence just like the usual thing they way they tell us that this month becomes next months and like that, so we believe that it will be the same thing the way it was like before. We never believed that it’s going to work. It’s encouraging that we are finally back again.


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